Episode 162 – PT Guilds of Ravnica Prep

Sam and Ben are at the Pro Tour! Hear about their preparation for the Standard format as they reveal the decks they considered, the innovations they came up with, and the secrets of their testing process.

We’ll be back next week at our usual time and going forward we may be re-working our Pro Tour episode plan to find a way to release content at our usual time.

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Bonus Episode – Guilds of Ravnica Banter

A full sized episode is airing this Sunday! Our hosts (or at least two of them) are busy getting ready for the Pro Tour, and the episode will contain spoilers for their strategy, so we won’t release it until that’s no longer relevant. To tide you over until then, we’ve collected some of the funniest stuff from the past ten or so episodes and compiled them into a short bonus episode.

Special thanks to our Patrons who make episodes like this possible and who got access to this a week early!

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Episode 161 – Sideboarding

The best Magic players get much of their edge from games 2 and 3, so this week’s episode is a marathon guide to picking up some equity post-board. You’ll learn about the theory of the sideboard with practical examples from real decks, covering all the major constructed formats and a bit of limited too. We cover both the construction of sideboards and the adjustments you should be making to your gameplay after sideboarding.

Next week’s episode will air during the Pro Tour as it will feature secret tech from Sam and Ben that they can’t share until that time – but we’ll return the week after at our usual time.

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Episode 160 – Modern Decks to Beat

With a few upcoming Modern tournaments, we’re using this week to identify the best Aggro, Combo, and Midrange decks to beat in the current metagame. We also cover an exciting new fringe deck that we think has some potential, and finally we did a rapid-fire round of opinions on a dozen or so of the other big players in modern and what factors make us think they are in good or bad places right now.

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Episode 159 – GRN Draft Guide: Dimir Control

The best deck in Guilds of Ravnica draft is Dimir Control, and this week we’re providing you with a guide to drafting it. We’ve broken the archetype down into the different effects you’re looking for, and which cards do the best job filling each of those roles. You’ll also learn the order that we prioritize each of those effects, what sorts of filler cards we’re most likely to play, and the cards and colors we’re most interested in splashing for. Finally, we cover the best strategies both with and against Dimir, and some sideboard technology for specific matchups.

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Episode 158 – Bant Spirits Deck Guide

This week we’re going card-by-card to give you a thorough guide to Bant Spirits, a powerful aggro deck that’s dominated recent Modern tournaments including Grand Prix Detroit where Sam’s team used it to make the finals!

Here’s a link to the decklist if you’d like to follow along: https://www.mtgtop8.com/event?e=20093&d=330612

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Episode 157 – What’s my Role?

It’s turn 3. Your 2/2 is staring down your opponent’s 2/2. Should you attack? The answer requires an understanding of your role – are you the aggressor or are you the defender? This episode defines those terms and arms you with the tools you need to answer that question for yourself. We cover how roles interact with deck construction, and how to update your assessments as the events of each game of magic unfold, starting with your opening hand!

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