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Episode 169 – Addendum to the Previous

We’ve got the full suite of Ravnica Allegiance mechanics now, and our hosts break down their implications for Limited, Standard, and Modern. We’ve also selected a few cards from the new set as we begin the Allied Strategies tradition of picking cards and talking about them.

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Episode 168 – Ravnica Allegiance Mechanics

A new set is finally on the way! We’ve taken a thorough look at the mechanics that have been revealed so far, and have analyzed their potential impact in Limited, Standard, and even older formats. Next week, we’ll cover the remaining mechanics and discuss more specific cards that we think are worth mentioning from those previewed.

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Episode 167 – Best Draft Formats

The History of Magic is littered with excellent draft formats, but today we’ve each identified our favorite three and explained why we love each format so much. We also spend a bit of time discussing a tournament from last weekend where two of our host clashed in an epic undefeated showdown.

Allied Strategies is planning to continue uninterrupted throughout this year’s holiday season, so stay tuned for new episodes every week on this feed!

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Episode 166 – Modern After Guilds

Few sets have impacted Modern as dramatically as Guilds of Ravnica. Today, we examine the specific cards behind this as well as the design paradigm shifts that they suggest, and the the implications this might have for the future of the format. We also speculate on the potential future playability of some sleeper cards from Guilds.

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Episode 165 – Deckbuilding with Matt Nass

If you’ve watched any Modern GPs this year, chances are you’ve seen Matt Nass in the top 8 with a deck he built or optimized. In both Standard and Modern, he’s been a remarkably successful tuner and crafter of decks, and today he’s a special guest on our show to talk about it! Find out how he does it and how his perspective differs from our hosts’.

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Episode 164 – Big Red

A few weeks ago, Ben had an idea for a Standard deck. Hear the story of how that idea underwent the rigors of Pro Tour testing and ended up being the deck that both Ben and Sam sleeved up event. You’ll also learn how to adapt the deck to different metagame factors, and predictions for how to play it in upcoming tournaments!

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Episode 163 – Draft Analysis: Guilds of Ravnica

Join us as we spend an entire episode breaking down every single pick of one player’s draft from the Pro Tour. This time, the honor of being that featured drafter goes to our buddy Mark Jacobson, whose stellar performance on the first day of the event earned him a place in the featured pod on day two. We found a lot to debate in this draft so the episode runs a little long – enjoy the extra content!

You can follow along with the draft for yourself at:

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