Episode 222 – The Best of the Decade

This episode, we’re taking a look at the best things from the last decade – mostly Magic-related with a few random other topics thrown in for good measure. Next week we’ll start diving in to Theros: Beyond Death stuff!

Download this episode here! (right click and “save as…”)

3 thoughts on “Episode 222 – The Best of the Decade

  1. DougSluggins

    First of all i really like this podcast. I am an MTGA and starcraft2 player, i loved hearing that one of the favorite streams from your lists was a sc2 stream! Rotti is pretty dope! I wanted to mention on the last episode there was a production issue that made it difficult to listen to the podcast. One of the broadcaster’s mics sounded like it had a wrapper being opened next to it for most of the podcast. Im assuming it was a dangling mic rubbing on a sweater or something like this. Please for our listening pleasure try to watch out for this, makes listening a lot less comfortable. Thank you for all your hard work! Again im a huge fan! -DougSluggins


    1. Allied Strategies Post author

      Thanks for listening! Yeah we had a slightly different setup since people were recording remotely at their holiday locations, shouldn’t be an issue going forward, but we’ll try to clean up the audio if we have to do that again ever


  2. James Andrew

    In the spirit of pedantic debate I would like to point out that the set of natural numbers in mathematics
    does not, in fact, include zero



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