Episode 164 – Big Red

A few weeks ago, Ben had an idea for a Standard deck. Hear the story of how that idea underwent the rigors of Pro Tour testing and ended up being the deck that both Ben and Sam sleeved up event. You’ll also learn how to adapt the deck to different metagame factors, and predictions for how to play it in upcoming tournaments!

Download this episode here! (right click and “save as…”)

5 thoughts on “Episode 164 – Big Red

  1. Jordan Alexander DuBose

    Any chance we can have a more thorough sideboard guide when it comes to the current meta? Very interested in the deck and would like to know suggested take outs for various match ups.


    1. Allied Strategies Post author

      Glad you like the deck – I’ll check with Ben and Sam and if either have been playing any standard with it in the past few weeks we’ll try to include an update on the deck in next week’s episode – however, I think there may not be any major Standard tournaments coming up for either so it’s possible we won’t have the required recent experience with the deck.
      – Tristan


      1. Jordan Alexander DuBose

        Thank you for the speedy reply! That’s quite okay, as the level in which I’m playing this deck is currently Arena and FNM, so any information, even slightly outdated, will help me! I look forward to the next episode!


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