Episode 149 – Bant Turbofog Deck Guide

It’s a strategy as old as, um, 2007 according to Google Trends, and thanks to the controversial printing of an instant speed time walk at super duper rare, it’s back in Standard: Turbofog! The goal of this strategy is to draw multiple cards each turn, then mitigate any number of opposing threats with one fog each turn, then take over with time walks (which combine very nicely with the drawing multiple cards each turn thing that we’re already trying to do). Learn about every card in the deck in this week’s episode of Allied Strategies.

Next week, Episode 150, will NOT be our Mailbag episode – that’s getting pushed back to Episode 151 as we have a different, time sensitive episode in the works!

Here’s the tweet that inspired this episode: https://twitter.com/dwpoker/status/1025927759661543425

Download this episode here! (right click and “save as…”)

1 thought on “Episode 149 – Bant Turbofog Deck Guide

  1. Alex

    The Top 8 in GP Orlando saw 2x main deck Aethersphere Harvesters in RB Aggro in place of 2x Heart of Kiran. Played by Greg Sokol. Thoughts?



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