Episode 117 – The MMM

This week, Ben, Neal, and Tristan take a look at the current state of the Modern Metagame. We talk about many of the biggest decks in the format as well as a few less popular but still known decks.

Modern season is ramping up as we approach the Pro Tour, so we may revisit the format in the next few podcasts!

Download this episode here! (right click and “save as…”)

1 thought on “Episode 117 – The MMM

  1. WanderingWinder

    Modern Metagame Map
    Modern Metagame Masterclass

    I’m not sure exactly when you pulled, but I think the MTGGoldfish stats were probably already largely reflective of RPTQ data (as well as MTGO) by then.

    I’m very surprised that UWR is so high though. Looks like most of what they’re calling control is more aggro-control, with Geists and bolt/helix, so at least a little assertive… still surprises me though. Spell Queller is of course very good, but my guess is a lot of this is that this is the kind of deck people like, plus people are excited about Search for Azcanta coming out.

    I played burn for a good while, but I think it’s pretty poorly positioned right now, for a few reasons. One is that eldrazi have picked up a good bit. Thought-Knot Seer is really good against burn, and though Ben’s beloved Bant Eldrazi has fallen off, it’s still showing up in BW Eldrazi and Taxes and Eldrazi Tron (where Chalice is also really good in the matchup). Then there are some fast combo decks that can race – Storm is mostly what I’m thinking of here, though possibly affinity(?). The value of Leyline of Sanctity in the format in general seems to be going up (good against Gifts/Storm, lots of decks are running lots of targeted discard, various other value), which is bad for burn. Most importantly, though, Grixis Shadow, the de facto best deck in the format, is a bad matchup. Between huge blockers-turned clocks, cheap counterspells (and to a lesser extent hand disruption), and efficient removal, the base gameplan is already quite good, even ignoring that Death’s Shadow itself feeds off of you. Fatal Push’s importance should also not be underestimated.



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