Episode 111 – A Worlds Without Ixalan

This week we talk about the 2017 MTG World Championship and the Standard format that was on display there – we discuss Ixalan’s impact on the format, and talk about some of the many great decisions made by the Peach Garden Oath at the tournament.

Near the start of the episode we say we’re also going to talk about Ixalan Sealed this week, but we end up getting so enmeshed in discussion of Worlds that we ran out of time before we could start on that topic – so it’ll be done in a future episode, perhaps even next week!

Download this episode here! (right click and “save as…”)

1 thought on “Episode 111 – A Worlds Without Ixalan

  1. Lasse Kusk Poulsen

    Huey did play great throughout Worlds. However his last attack of the tournament was kind of odd. If Javier blocks the 2/3 Virtuoso, Javier wins on the spot. I dont think either Huey or Javier noticed it. Huey sending the Virtuose in leaves him dead on board.



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