2 thoughts on “Patreon Deck Episode 1 – Lupine Prototype Aggro

  1. Peter

    Hey guys. Thank you so much for the podcast and this episode. You guys are great. Furyblade Vampire could be a reasonable addition to Lupine Prototype Agrro and Bloodrage Brawler seems like a slam dunk.


  2. WanderingWinder

    Re: Chapin’s comments on the number of legendaries, I think it really depends on what you mean by maximizing your chances to draw exactly 1. The big thing is, you have to make some assumptions on how many cards you see (and of course, the more of those are seen by scry and explore and things of that nature, the more having extra copies won’t hurt you as much). So he makes some generic assumption of seeing something like 12 relevant cards, I think. But my understanding is that he also doesn’t really mean that it maximizes the chances of drawing exactly 1 – that does get increased when you go from 3 to 4, until you’re looking at 16 cards. But I think what he means there is that the chances of drawing more than 1 increase MORE than the chances of drawing exactly 1 once you go from 3 copies to 4 copies. I could be wrong though. In any case the 15 to 16 cards seen line is where going to 4 copies actually starts decreasing the chance to draw exactly 1.



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