Episode 83 – AERchievements

Download this episode here! (right click and “save as…”)

Here is a list of our AER achievements:

[Deja Vu]: Take an extra turn with Gonti’s Aether Heart

[Baraly scratching the surface]: Trigger Baral at least three times in one game.

[At your servo-ice]: Create 10 servos in one game.

[Better Lucky than Good]: Put an extra 10 power into play using Indomitable Creativity

[Don’t Feed Them After Midnight!]: Create 7 Gremlin Tokens

[Driverless car]: Crew a vehicle with Aethergeode Miner then blink and block

[A cool thing Ben did before]: Use Mobile Garrison on a Quicksmith’d artifact

[Ze Counters, zey do nossing]: Use Maulfist Revolutionary to put a Velocity Counter on Dragster

[I do the thing]: Put a modification on Consulate Dreadnought

[Blackjack!]: Do 21 Damage with Ravenous Intruder

[Lucky McLuckerson]: Use Trophy Mage to get an Invention. A good one.

[Ben’s a dummy]: Cast a turn 5 Dawnfeather Eagle, a turn 6 one then extend the hand.

[Ice Play]: Untap a permanent with Ice Over on it.

[Expert Player]: Cast an Expertise for free using another Expertise.

[Expert Player part two]: Cast someone using their Expertise.

[Unbridled Value]: Cast an Unbridled Growth on turn one, then a double-color card of another color on turn two.

[You can’t do it in standard but you can do it in limited]: Search for 4 copies of a card with Secret Salvage

[You can do it in both standard and limited]: Combine Saheeli Rai and Felidar Guardian

[Deja Vu]: Cast Conviction or Greenbelt Rampager 7 times

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