Episode 55 – Eternal Intermediates

Here are all the EMA achievements we’ve come up with so far – send us your stories and let us know if there’s anything that should be on this list!

[Piety]: Control all 5 Hondens

[Deja Vu]: Get infinite of something other than mana with Worldgorger Dragon

[We need a Game 7]: Draw the game with Worldgorger Dragon + Animate Dead

[Limited Legacy]: Force of Will a Jace, the Mind Sculptor OR Green Sun’s Zenith for Heritage Druid

[Limited Standard]: Combine a brainstorm effect with Squadron Hawk

[Red Ancestral]: Sneak Attack Arcanis The Omnipotent OR Reckless Charge Arcanis OR Sneak Attack Brago

[Disrupted by the Scepter]: Lock someone out with Isochron Scepter and a counterspell

[Oops]: Discard the card you Gamble for

[I forgot why I made this play]: Memory lapse your own spell.

[Chandra, Eat Your Heart Out]: Make 10 or more elemental tokens with Young Pyromancer

[Soul Reader]: Get a blind hit with Cabal Therapy

[Unworthy target]: A creature other than Coalition Honor Guard gets killed not in the combat damage step while Honor Guard is in play.

[CAW!]: Draft 5 or more Squadron Hawks

[Fair is Fair]: Get a 5 for 1 or better with Balance

[Plowerhouse]: Give a creature +20/+20 with Ancestral Mask

[Combat is Overrated]: Kill your opponent with entirely Blood Artist triggers

[*Burp*]: Deal six or more damage with a Goblin Charblecher activation.

[Why, Wonder?]: Control a creature enchanted with roots, then discard Wonder

[Present Sight]: Combo off with Future Sight and Sensei’s Divining Top

[Lucky]: Open a Mana Crypt

[Very Lucky]: Don’t take any damage from your Mana Crypt all draft

[Fascist Oppression]: Have 6 or more serfs die (not get exiled) during a match without any Sengir Autocrats dieing.

[Time Walk]: Give a vanshing creature haste.

[Old School Rules] Have an opponent mulligan, scry to the top, then Dream Twist them on the play

[Deja Vu]: Cast 3 Peregrine Drakes in a single turn

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