Episode 44 – Achievements



  • [Seasons Future] Cast Seasons Past with five or more targets.
  • [Fleathlink] Odric, Lunarch Marshal grants three or more abilities to your team.
  • [The Grave Whitelist] Mindwrack Demon or Vessel of Nascency causes four different card types to enter an empty graveyard.
  • [BRAAAAAAINS] The fact that Ever After returned your creatures as black Zombies matters.
  • [The Light Shall Burn You!] Burn from Within kills an indestructible creature.
  • [Silence of the Lambs] To the Slaughter kills creature and planeswalker.
  • [Fact and Fiction] Epiphany at the Drownyard for three or more mana is correctly split into an empty pile and a full pile.
  • [Icy Hot] Thing in the Ice flips.
  • [Unlucky 13] Win a game with Triskaidekaphobia.
  • [Oops] Lose a game with your own Triskaidekaphobia.
  • [Colonel Mustard with the Knife in the Library] Control seven or more clue tokens at the same time.
  • [Disoriented] The same werewolf flips for three consecutive turns.
  • [Lobotomy] Exile a card with Invasive Surgery.
  • [Gonna be Late] Gone Missing targeting your own permanent wins you the game.
  • [Spartans] Your opponent’s discard effect allows you to win the game.
  • [Pentagram] Transform Westvale Abbey.
  • [This again?!?] Invocation of Saint Traft cast on a hexproof creature.
  • [Fast and Furious] Corrupted Grafstone casts a spell that costs four mana on the third turn.
  • [Deja Vu] Drownyard temple enters the battlefield three or more times in a game.
  • [Deja Vu] Epitaph Golem loops last card in library.

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