Episode 30 – Magical ABC’s

If we forgot any letters, please let us know! Also, if you have any mailbag questions we’re going to do a mailbag episode soon probably, so send ’em to us on twitter (@tristanmtg, @trumpetman88, @bsweitz123)

Catch all of our old episodes at alliedstrategiespodcast.wordpress.com

3 thoughts on “Episode 30 – Magical ABC’s

  1. James M

    L is for Leaks… Were you implying that you seek out unofficial leaks to get a strategic advantage? Does seeing a random out-of-context card four weeks before legal give you any advantage over seeing it two weeks before legal? Wouldn’t it be more likely to skew your perception of the format? Leaks are junk food. Very tempting, but with no redeeming value.

    This necrocomment probably won’t be read by anyone other than a few lost strangers, but I wanted to get it off my chest.

    That aside, I loved the ‘cast.



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