2 thoughts on “Episode 14 – Dragonlord Mantis Rider

  1. Ranan Gontownik

    Hi guys, first of all great podcast. Thanks for always posting.

    I have a question about polukronos. I was under the impression that if I activate his ability and my apponent kills it in response then the ability would not resolve. Is this true? Doesn’t polukronos say “when this creature becomes monstrous”. And if it is dead it doesn’t become monstrous. If so then how is that different that putting to top of library.

    If it is the same as putting to top and ability wold resolve through kill spell and bounce, is there a way to stop the damage once the ability is on the stack?



    1. alliedstrategiespodcast Post author

      Hi! Thanks for listening! So here’s how this works – Polukranos puts two different things on the stack, a monstrosity ability, and then a pseudo-fight once that first monstrosity ability resolves. If you kill it in response to the monstrosity ability, the pseudo-fight indeed doesn’t happen. But what happened in my scenario was I used 5 of my 10 mana to monstrous for 2, and if it was killed in response to the monstrosity ability I would be able to respond by using my remaining 5 mana to monstrous for 2 again in response to it all. So my opponent could either Jeskai charm after the monstrous resolved, which does NOT stop the damage from being dealt (which was where the incorrect rulings came from) or he could do it before the monstrous resolved, which would let me monstrous again and kill his guy anyways.
      — Tristan



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