2 thoughts on “Episode 10 – First Look at Origins

  1. John

    Tristan, Neal, and Ben,
    I am going to strongly disagree with Ben’s suggestion at the beginning of this podcast. I listen to you guys as I am running around doing summer errands and my side business. As soon as you stopped reading the new cards from Origins (Nissa was the only one Tristan read), the podcast became useless to me. Sure I have looked off and on at the spoilers for Origins, but I do not have the card CMCs and P/T stats memorized, and I definitely don’t know all that each plainswalker does, so i had to stop listening. I know Ben doesn’t want a 4-5 hour show like Limited Resources has for their set review, but throw us cell phone/ear bud listeners a bone. Once I am at the computer I have to many other things to do then listen to your podcast and follow along with the Magic image gallery. Just my 2 cents to make your sure better (hopefully)!


    1. alliedstrategiespodcast Post author

      Thanks for the feedback! We’ve already recorded our next episode which also presumed card knowledge / spoiler availability but we’ll reconsider how we do these sorts of shows when BFZ comes out and hopefully we can come up with something that works for you and people like you.
      — Tristan



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